50 kW to 1650 kW

All major classifications

Unrivalled durable gears

4000 thrusters in operation

High-performance FP propellers

Jastram have been developing and producing transverse thrusters since 1950. Reliable gears, worldwide service, direct contact to our service department and detailed archived data for each delivered system are well accepted by the maritime industry and international shipping companies.

Jastram are specialised in fixed pitch propeller (FPP) thrusters which require minimal servicing due to their solidity and durability. To improve performance the propeller design is continuously modified according to the latest developments.

With electric drive systems ranging from the low-cost 3-step control for onshore manoeuvring to the frequency-controlled drive for offshore dynamic positioning Jastram offer transverse thrusters for a wide variety of vessel types.

The following table of Jastram thruster types indicates the maximum speed and power based on a 50Hz / 60Hz power supply and the German Lloyd type approval. ‘Max kW’ may differ for special applications and requirements of other classification societies.


The given thrust range in kN results from the calculation using the column ‘Max kW’ and is based on optimised tunnel, inlet cone and fore shapes. The range is influenced by the respective installation design.

Power table of Jastram transverse thrusters


Jastram transverse thrusters are made from high-grade certified materials and are designed individually according to the given installation conditions.

Classification certificates for any classification society can be delivered for the whole thruster system.

Vertical or horizontal mounting or any other installations for electric, hydraulic or diesel engine drives are available.

Drive shaft extensions for restricted space in stern installations and detachable systems for workboats to allow servicing without docking are examples of our ability to meet customer requirements.

Technical features

The propeller is mounted with a tight oil press fit which allows rapid mounting and dismounting during shaft seal changes.

The stainless steel ring in the propeller tip region protects the tunnel against cavitation damage.

The oil lubrication system with oil level sensor (to be installed by the shipyard above waterline) protects the seals against water ingress.

Galvanic cathodic protection (CP) is calculated and installed to protect the system for up to 5 years.


Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) instead of anodes for longer life and reduced resistance in the tunnel.

Anti-suction tunnel (AST) – a second smaller tunnel installed behind the bow thruster to increase the thrust during cruising.

A holding brake to prevent propeller windmilling and noise during passage is recommended. Besides electric motor brakes, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrically driven disk brakes are available for new builds and retrofits.


State of the Art CPP Design
Focused on Easy Maintenance
Optimised Propeller Blade Design
Proven Jastram Quality
Input Power from 600kW to 900kW


Patented technology
Reduced cavitation noise
Recognised mega-yacht supplier
Resiliently mounted drive assembly
For transverse and azimuth grid thrusters

Noise-reduced manoeuvring systems from Jastram meet the international mega-yacht industry’s demand for the ultimate comfort.

Active and passive low-noise thrusters from Jastram offer sophisticated technologies for silent manoeuvring in ports and during offshore dynamic positioning.


Resistant to grounding
Suitable for shallow water
Low-noise operating mode

The Jastram azimuth grid thruster is capable of providing highly accurate dynamic positioning, responsive steering and emergency propulsion.

Mounted flush to the bottom of the vessel, it has no protruding parts which could be damaged in shallow water. A removable grid protects the horizontally mounted propeller. Smaller parts and sand are washed through the large-volume housing.

A special propeller generates effective thrust with a high volume at a low pressure.

With the solid Jastram thruster gear, the water is pumped through the 360° rotating steering grid.

Turning the grid by up to 180° in 8 seconds, the thruster provides immediate thrust in all directions.

The prime mover can be moved by 180° around the propeller according to the given installation conditions in the hull structure.


The given thrust range is based on experience as well as calculations using the column ‘Max kW’ and is about 70% of the thrust of transverse thrusters. ‘Max kW’ may differ for requirements of classification societies.

Power table of Jastram azimuth grid thrusters

Type Prop Ømm Max Input Rpm Max kW Max kW Diesel DP* Thrust approx kN
W10 620 1.500 1.800 70 83 6-8 7-9
W20 840 1.500 1.800 138 165 116 140 11-15 12-17
W40 990 1.500 1.800 217 260 187 225 16-22 18-25
W50 1.000 1.500 315 315 21-29
W60 1.220 1.500 1.800 510 610 426 510 33-46 37-51
W90 1.600 1.500 1.800 583 700 500* 600* 43-60 48-67
W100 1.940 1.000 1.200 750 900 688* 825* 57-80 64-90


Ro Ro vessel with four azimuth grid thrusters for transporting Airbus A380 wings in shallow water and extremely tight river sections at high tidal ranges.

Four azimuth grid thrusters for optimum manoeuvrability have been installed in two heavy-lift barges which can be named as reference projects.

Two 600kW Jastram W90 azimuth grid thrusters in the bow of the ARCOS ensure the dynamic positioning capability for cable laying and servicing in shallow water areas.

River cruise vessel with Jastram azimuth grid thruster in the bow section and Jastram active noise reduction.

Technical features

The thruster gear is bolted to the housing and can be mounted and dismounted during docking.

The propeller is mounted with a tight oil press fit which allows rapid mounting and dismounting during shaft seal changes.

The stainless steel ring in the propeller tip region protects the housing against cavitation damage.

The oil lubrication system with oil level sensor (to be installed by the shipyard above waterline) protects the seals against water ingress.


Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) instead of anodes for longer life and reduced resistance in the housing.

Active noise reduction to reduce cavitation noise.


Customised systems

All drive applications

Specialists in FC drives

User-friendly operation

New builds and retrofits

Drawing on experience in thruster drive and control systems since 1950 Jastram offer a wide range of applications:

3-step drive systems with resistor units and slip ring motors have been the most popular drives over the last few years.

Dynamic drive, a multistep drive system with resistor unit, slip ring motor and reduced starting current, is the cost-competitive alternative to controllable pitch propeller (CPP) thrusters with the advantages of the robust fixed pitch propeller (FPP).

Frequency-controlled (FC) drives accommodate the increasing demand for stepless control. Interfaces to joysticks and dynamic positioning systems as well as any other customised application can be realised by Jastram.

Control systems including operator panels for hydraulic and diesel engines as well as other drive systems are designed and interfaced in close cooperation with the supplier of the prime mover.

Operator panels for bridges, wings, afts, flybridges and portable stations are available in standard or customised designs.

The alarm system displays alarms and faults on the operator panels and switch cabinet. Interfaces to any alarm monitoring system (AMS) can be achieved.

Technical features

PLC / Programmable Logic Control

VDR / Voyage Data Recorder interface

Heating for motor and switch cabinet

PMS / Power Management System, query to main switch panel regarding availability of power

Resistor overcurrent protection


Motor holding brake is recommended to prevent propeller windmilling during passages.


Room fan control and monitoring

RPMS / Restricted Power Management System

Operator panel for 3-step drive on switch cabinet

Soft start for 3-step drive

DP Interface for FC drives

Low Harmonic Drives for FC drives


3-step master and slave panels with customised colours. New design with two additional spaces for lamps and buttons for special functions such as restricted power management.

Operator panels for dynamic and frequency-controlled (FC) drives.

Operator panels with yacht design. Special applications such as a minimalist design for luxury yachts are implemented in close cooperation with the technical departments of the shipyard.

Bridge and portable panels for four azimuth grid thrusters with 360° levers and joystick control.


The rack-mounted 3-step drive with switch cabinet and resistor unit reduces onboard installation time.

Soft start solutions for 3-step drives or low harmonic frequency-controlled drives as well as restricted power management systems are state-of-the-art drive solutions from Jastram for limited onboard power supply.

Harmonic distortions produced by frequency converters can be reduced through the following technical solutions:

Alternatives in reducing line harmonics

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