Grain separators for various and specific grain sizes

Double frequency screening machines DFM are high performance grain separators for the medium and coarse separation range.The drive principle of the DF type machines is based on the use of two out-of-balance motors running with different speeds. The motor with the lower speed and higher out of balance weight is positioned at the inlet, whereas the motor with the higher speed and lower out of balance weight is positioned at the outlet.

At the inlet part the higher amplitude accomplishes loosening and mixing of the feed product. At the outlet part, the high motor frequency along with higher accelerations ensures that critical materials are screened. By changing the direction of rotation the transport speed of the product can be specifically influenced. Due to this driving principle nearly no vibrations will be carried into the building.

Flexible sealing sleeves in the inlet and outlet ensure dust-free operation (FDA, ATEX).

The easy machine accessibility and the maintenance free drive by two out of balance motors minimize the service costs and shut-down periods.

Standard machine sizes are in the range of 3.0 m² to 36 m² per screen deck resp. machine. Additional grain separator sizes and special constructions are possible on demand. Electrical power consumption of these machine sizes usually is within 4.0 kW and 16.5 kW (!)

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