DFE vibratory sizer for all screening tasks

This type of machine is predominantly used for easy classifying tasks. The driving principle is based on two counterrotating out-of-balance motors which create a linear vibration. The material moves straight across the inclined separation plane.

The separation quality of the multi-deck probability screen is limited concerning the single decks. But if the single decks are regarded in combination to produce one fraction the screening quality is considerable for such a compact machine.

An advantage of the vibratory sizer is the good accessibility of the machine which leads to lesser downtime during maintenance. Maintenance effort is reduced by the driving principle with two maintenance free out-of-balance motors. The large maintenance openings simplify the change of the screen decks from outside of the machine.

The aggregate can be set or be suspended so no vibrations will be carried into the building.

Available as multi-deck screening machine with 3 to 6 screening decks as well as in tailor-made special designs with 3.2 m² to 9.0 m² per screening deck. Electrical power for this machines lies between 2.4 kW and 10.2 kW (!).



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