PERMANENT MAGNETS  Permanent Magnets

Eriez Permanent Magnetic Separators require no electric power. With proper care, they can last a lifetime with very little loss of field strength.

Select Eriez Permanent Magnetic Separators are available with the Xtreme RE7 Magnetic Circuit – the industry’s strongest magnet!

  • Tube Magnets
  • RF Cartridge Magnetic Separator
  • Plate Magnets
  • Dry High Intensity Magnet
  • Grate Magnets
  • Magnetic Scrap Drum Separators
  • Trap Magnets
  • Dynamic Drum Separators
  • Magnetic Humps
  • Handheld Inspection Magnets
  • Magnetic Pulleys
  • Magnetic Coolant Cleaners
  • Permanent Magnetic Drum Separators
  • Magnetic Flocculators
  • Wet Drum Separators
  • Permanent Magnetic Drum Separators – European Models
  • Suspended Permanent Magnets
  • Suspended Permanent Magnets – European Models


Electromagnetic Separators use wire coils and direct current to provide a magnetic field which can be used to separate ferrous material from non ferrous products.

  • Suspended Electromagnets
  • High Intensity Magnetic Filters
  • Force Cooled Electromagnets
  • High Intensity Electromagnetic Separators Type VOG
  • Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator
  • Demagnetizing Coils
  • Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters
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