RHEWUM multi-deck plansifter: perfect separations

Multi-deck plansifter type MDS is designed for a variety of accurate separations for the medium to fine grains size. By using two contra-rotating out-of-balance motors generating a linear motion, the particles are thrown up and down several times until they leave the machine, so called micro throwing principle. The product to be screened passes over the horizontally arranged screening surface and the machine works with slight accelerations of vibration, thereby leading to only negligible wear on the screen cloths and the machine itself.

The modular system of our plansifter allows to superimpose up to 19 sifting decks in one sieve stack! So that machines a total screening surface of of up to 112 m² producing 24 different fractions are possible, if necessary in parallel arrangement. On demand different fractions can be produced in one machine without changing the screening nets.

Available with up to 11 separations on just one machine with a total size from 5.6 m² to 106 m² (0.35 m² to 5.6 m² per screen deck).

By several repetition of the same screen deck sequences (technological units) huge screening surfaces are possible and additional discharging screen decks allow a perfect adaption of the plansifter to the sifting task. The technological unit system affords a variety of screen net combinations so that individual sifting problems can be solved on customer’s demand.




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