Information about our UG linear motion screen

The linear motion screen type UG uses linear oscillatory motions generated by an imbalance drive. Linear vibrating screens are economic screening machines, where the whole screening unit is exited to a linear vibration. They are manufactured according to the application as single or multi-deck screen, being able to use a wide variety of screen cloths such as grids, polyurethane sieves, press welded meshes, perforated plates as well as wire meshes etc. RHEWUM UG linear motion screen are designed as single- and double-deckers. Three-deckers on request.

The linear oscillations are produced by unbalance gear units which are coupled via an universal joint to an electric drive motor. Due to the robust and low-maintenance design these screens find their field of application especially in non-metallic minerals sector at high capacities and coarse separations. Common feeding capacities are 100 t/h – 1,000 t/h at separations from 3.0 to 500 mm.

Available dimensions of UG linear motion screen (common name UG 2700×6000/2):

Width (mm) / Length (m) 3,00 4,00 4,50 5,00 6,00 7,50
1.950 X X X X
2.200 X X X
2.400 X X X X
2.700 X X X X
3.000 X X




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