Precision vibratory sieves that deliver on their promises

Vibratory sieves of type WAU are used in the medium separation range.This screen type is a vibratory sieve which employs direct excitation of screen mesh; thus the screen housing only takes a static function. It also preserves the building and/or the steel structure. No dynamic loads are transmitted as they are created by completely vibrating conventional screens and rigid connection to on-and off-going chutework is possible.

Vibration is imparted into the sieve cloth by high speed movement of a transversally mounted rocker shaft, located beneath the sieve cloth. Therefore the velocity down the vibratory sieve is determined by the angle of the screen deck. Outside the screen housing rugged out of balance motor drives rock the knocker shafts, conveying the high frequent oscillation directly into the screen mesh. These high accelerations guarantee also a correct screening of adhesive products. Freely programmable cleaning impulses for the sieve cloth reach an acceleration of up to 8 g. During standstill the vibration intensity of the motors can be adjusted and therefore a perfect adaption of vibration amplitude to product changes is possible. Each screen deck can be individually adjusted and perfectly adapted to product demand.

High frequency vibratory sieve

The high frequency vibration of the sieve net effects to overcome the adhesive particle forces within the product, to loosen the product bed and to segregate the product mixture of coarse and fine material and ensures its separation. The machines attain unequal high specific screening capacities on the smallest possible space.

The combination of longitudinal tensioning of screen nets and free access affords easy and quick exchange of screen cloths. Maintenance of the outside the screening space arranged drives can be done during operation and due to the number of drives a possible failure of a drive does not necessitate to shut down the plant.

Standard machine sizes are in the range of 1.4 m² to 26.4 m² per screening deck resp. machine. Additional vibratory sieve sizes and special constructions are possible on demand. Relating to these dimensions electrical power range is in between 0.52 kW to 3.9 kW(!)


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